MozCon 2012 Notes – Day 1

In General

Here are my rough notes from the first day at MozCon.

Forgive me for the abrupt nature of the content, I just wrote down the things I found notable, useful or actionable from my own perspective, so this isn’t intended as an overview of the whole day.

Thanks a ton to all the excellent presenters, and if your stuff isn’t on this list that’s not because it wasn’t great material!

Paddy Moogan

Link Building Ideas

  • Bookbait – use industry expert input to create, send them the printed book
  • Embed code within an embed code –
  • Whenever you distribute images, do a reverse image search and ask folks who reuse them to link/credit the source
  • Put competitor OSE backlink data into a spreadsheet and use custom search to query it
  • Find places to guest post
  • Get more insight into your Gmail contacts –
  • Embed box on right click –
  • Reverse image search on competitors’ badge bait to find opportunity
  • Crowd source info graphic data and then have said crowd link/embed the graphic
  • Link building email followups – + Gmail Canned Responses
  • Google Alerts for relevant stuff and potential links (ex. sites mentioning a particular person would be good sites to ask for a link to that person’s profile page)
  • #prrequest + IFTTT
  • Pay writers to guest blog on other sites
  • Find low earning affiliates and pay them a bit (more than the 5 dollars they made the last 5 months) to blog about the product they currently link ton and link to you instead
  • Broken link building – Find relevant pages with lots of outgoing links and use Checkmylinks for chrome to find broken ones (if you can provide the linked-to content, contact the site to use your content)
  • Geekbaiting – Konami code (wordpress plugin?) that reveals weekly offer/daily discount
  • Quick and pretty infographics – (side note:
  • Find bloggers’ Amazon wishlist with their email address + gifting them
  • Do an Amazon site search for users with a website & email listed and relevant keywords
  • Custom search just for guest posts on specific keywords
  • List of places to guest blog (don’t spam these folks, k?) –

John Henshaw

CRM-age (If you’re not using Raven Tools you must be trippin’)

Wil Reynolds

(Who, amongst many great presenters, really stole the show today – guy is downright inspiring)

  • #RCS – do Real Company Shit!!!
  • Get your team together (on Google+, Twitter, or something) and answer as many questions from the public as possible
  • Data from Grooveshark and
  • SEOs need to start making marketing plans
  • Reverse image search – think about it more
  • Company name + Event – Kane Jamison build links from events
  • Set up a Google Alert with a snippet from all new content  (and get credit from copiers)
  • Don’t hit enter (on Google searches) – A simple but effective way to do keyword recon
    • “Your company” vs competitor
  • Search for existing PDFs that show relevant (but boring/overwhelming data) and repurpose data into inforgraphics

Mike King

  • Customer Profile Dossiers
  • Nielsen PRIZM “My Best Segments”
  • Google consumer surveys
  • Yahoo Clues
  • Purchase Funnel: Awareness > Familiarity > Consideration > Purchase > Loyalty
    • Measure results according to their content funnel phase (conversion aren;t a logical goal for an awareness campaign)
  • Social Crawlitics
  • Authora – author search engine
  • Broken link index for broken content that may be worth recreating and requesting the link
  • Keyword-level demographics

Things/people to check out