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What I do

Websites that Generate Business

Your website should be easy for your users to look at, and make what you do easy to understand. It should inspire confidence that your company is “on top of it” and that you’re standing by to help.

Your website should be your company’s best salesperson. Is it?

Local SEO, the Right Way

Ranking well in Google organic and Google Maps is one of the most powerful ways to find new local customers and help your business grow. It can be tough to get there, especially without taking shortcuts that can get you in big trouble. I’ve been doing local SEO for over 8 years, and I’ve worked at some of the most reputable agencies in the world. I can help.

Analytics & Conversion tracking

Everyone’s got a website. Most have Google Analytics installed. Some even pop in there every once in a while and see how much traffic they got last month. Almost no one is using Analytics data effectively to help guide business decisions by tracking leads and where they came from. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how many leads you got last month, and where they came from?

Adwords Optimization

Spend less on Adwords, and get more for your budget. I focus on Cost per Conversion, not clicks and traffic. Traffic doesn’t pay the bills. Phone calls and quote requests do. I can simplify your Adwords campaigns, and make it easier to understand where your money is going – and most importantly, what you’re getting out of it!

Me? I’m Nick.

I’m based in Edmonton, AB. I work at Whitespark, and do some freelance digital marketing and web development.