MozCon 2012 Notes – Day 2

In General

Here are my rough notes from the second day at MozCon. You can check out my notes from day 1 here.

Forgive me for the abrupt nature of the content, I just wrote down the things I found notable, useful or actionable from my own perspective, so this isn’t intended as an overview of the whole day.

Thanks a ton to all the excellent presenters, and if your stuff isn’t on this list that’s not because it wasn’t great material!

Richard Baxter

A super cool, but slightly over my head look at using Excel to do all sorts of crazy stuff

Cyrus Shepard 

Talking about keeping your content clean and clear and under control

  • Google+ stats
  • Reconsider embed codes (for infographics, etc.), they can lead to spammy looking anchor text and might look like shoddy link building
  • Don’t link iffy stuff to your home page (ie. if you are using an embed code), so in the worst case you can 404 a sub page
  • Ebooks vs infographics
    • easy
    • less expensive
    • evergreen
    • less/no saturation
    • repurposable
    • not spammy
  • Press releases, only if truly newsworthy
  • Hire a pro
    • contenly
    • odesk
    • guru
    • elance
    • freelancer
  • Use anchor text organically. “Click here” is not as shameful as it once was
  • Do what you love doing, period.

Ian Lurie

Say what matters

  • Link bundle
  • Stop link building, start AUDIENCE building
  • Content marketing Marketable content
  • Generate content to say what matters
  • Idea graphing
    • Start creating an ad on Facebook to get a look at the IdeaGraph, find and use related (though not necessarily similar) ideas for content directions
    • Portent idea graph

Rhea Drysdale

Reputation Management

  • Create brand insurance
    • use listening tools
    • work towards SERP domination for your brand name
    • adopt social media policies
  • It’s less likely that people will say “these guys suck” if they have a connection/relationship with a real person from the company
  • Set up monitoring tools (obvious, but many don’t)

Marty Weintraub

  • Use Facebook ads to determine demo/send traffic to a landing page, and then retarget with specialized ads
  • Doubleclick retargeting

Pete Meyers

Keeping up on the Google algo

Jenny Lam

High level design info

  • There is ROI in design (for every dollar gillette spent on design for venus, they got $415 back)
  • Things to look for/do when hiring a designer
    • formal training
    • talks about user, brand, tech
    • no delicate flower syndrome
    • protolfio itself  is well deigned
    • has shipped something
    • have a desnior designer review the work
  • What makes things aesthetically pleasing
    • harmony
      • consistency in style, tone, voice,
      • Ex. Mail Chimp design persona
    • integrity
      • quality
      • soundness
      • designing for users does not equal pandering
      • integrity & genuineness in personality
    • radiance
  • critique doesn’t equal art direction

AJ Kohn

Awesome look at Google +

  • Google owns the spice… don’t ignore this
  • Google + is not a ghost town, and it’s growing rapidly, there’s still an opportunity to be ahead of the crowd
  • Google + influences people’s search results in an incredibly powerful way
  • Profile tips
    • connect your social profiles on G+ profile
    • use rel=publisher for business pages
    • words matter.. use them
  • Migration/Growth (get FB and Twitter people to circle you)
    • offer exclusive content (you!)
    • hang out on air
    • tell them to .. circle you
  • Sharing tips
    • tame your ego
    • re-share others’ stuff
  • Formatting
    • create a title tag (first line of a post serves as the title tag)
    • format your title in bold
    • make posts readable & skimmable
  • Engagement
    • save searches
    • create an evangelist circle (a specific circle for those who share your stuff the most) and treat them special 🙂
    • comments or reshares are better signs than +1
    • Ripples
    • flag down (but not too much)
    • comment
  • +1 button tips
    • have them on your site
    • optimize the snippet
  • G+ social signals
    • meh
  • Authorship
  • Author rank
    • not happening yet
    • will make the link graph smarter

Skate to where the puck is going, not where its been.

– Wayne Gretzky